Our Team

The Office of Business and Administration provides expertise in the areas of business administration, financial service, personnel budgeting, and staff relations.  Our mission is to manage and safeguard the assets and liabilities of the Office of Undergraduate Education, which includes formulating, implementing and monitoring financial policies and procedures, and preparing and interpreting financial reports and analyses.

The Office of Business and Administration has broad and independent responsibilities for ensuring compliance with University and Division policies and procedures and is responsible for providing strategic counsel to the Vice President for Undergraduate Education with regard to financial, physical plant, and personnel resources.

Our Office works closely with the Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the Associate Vice President of Instructional Support, the Assistant Vice President of Academic Engagement and Programming, and the Campus Deans and the Dean of Douglass Residential College.

Our goals are to:

  • Protect the University against undue risk associated with daily business transactions processing
  • Ensure compliance to all University policies and procedures
  • Provide expertise, advisement and tools to efficiently facilitate business activity
  • Provide efficient and timely services and information
  • Ensure sound financial management concepts are used in every transaction
  • Provide independent and informed review of all financial transactions
  • Manage college-wide resources efficiently in collaboration with each unit